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Q: What kind of books do you like to read?

A: To wit, I'm currently rereading the entire Travis McGee series by J.D. MacDonald. Best pulp fiction ever. Just finished Straight Man by Richard Russo — excellent. When I'm finished those, I'll pick up John Irving's latest.

For nonfiction, I like a good biography. Most recently, John Adams by McCullough; In the Heart of the Sea, by Philbrick, the true story of the sinking of the whale ship, Essex, which inspired Melville to write Moby Dick; and The Professor and the Madman, the true story of how the Oxford/English Dictionary got written and published.

Q: You post a lot on the fan-site message boards. How do we know it's really Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs? Most famous people are too busy to get back to fans, so what makes you different, Mike?

A: Good question. I can't actually prove that it really is Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. Of course, you can't actually prove that it's not, so it's kind of a wash.

I won't comment on other "talent" on other shows, but my recent postings have been prolific for several reasons:

1. I finally got a laptop, and enjoy using it.

2. I'm not famous yet, and can't afford to be completely aloof. Yet.

3. The series has just started, and it seems prudent, as well as polite, to try and answer an honest question if someone is willing to take the time to ask it.

4. My life has no middle ground. I'm either completely surrounded with obligation and responsibility, or utterly alone, in a cheap hotel, covered with some unspeakable grime, like I am right now. At times like these, your questions are the only thing keeping me from a cold pizza and 60 minutes of SpecterVision.

Ahh, the glamour of it all ...

- Mike Rowe, Dirty Jobs

(I swear!)

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