Mike Rowe: Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Would you ever send a personal email or join a chat room if someone here invited you?

I'm flattered. But you gotta know that I can't do the private email thing. I will never make plans online to meet a viewer in person. However, I have a reputation for being unusually forthcoming with viewers that I run into randomly ... The rules are simple:

I must be in a bar. (Common)

I must not be engaged in a serious or private conversation. (Also common)

If you should ever see me in such circumstanced and feel so inclined, you may approach and say the following -


My name is _______

I am a dirty girl/boy.

Please buy me a beer.

And it will be done.

Q: What if you were invited to a viewer's house for dinner? Would you go?

From a liability standpoint, I believe we are forbidden from crashing in the homes of viewers.

Q: Do you have an account on MySpace?

My space is here, no time for anywhere else. I understand there have been a few people over there pretending to be me. What can you do? One more reason to take everything you read online with a grain of salt.

Q: Which job would you like to revisit? Or which would you refuse to do?

Interesting question.

The truth is, of the 80 or so we have done so far, there are none (0) that I would like to revisit.

However, there is only one I would refuse to do over: catfish noodling

(Note: Since first answering this question, Mike has completed more than 100 segments!)

Q: If, for some reason, you had to choose one of these jobs you have profiled as your full-time job, which would you choose?

Taro Farmer

Taro is used to make poi, a staple in the Hawaiian diet, and pulling taro is wet, backbreaking work. We shot the segment on the Big Island, and while the job is really, really dirty, it's oddly peaceful. And the farm we visited was so ridiculously beautiful, no one wanted to leave.

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