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Q: Is there a job you would not do?

The show doesn't have a lot of rules, but I'm committed to trying my best to do whatever the work happens to be, as long as it's a real, money generating, legal job, and as long as someone else is actually doing it with or near me. Given those caveats, I can think of no job that I would be unwilling to try ... Some, however, are too heavy for the tone of the show - Crime Scene Cleaner, for instance. The work is too grisly to take lightly, and we aspire to be a lighthearted show ... I've said "I'm not doing that" many times. I've meant it once (re: catfish noodling), but I wound up doing it anyway.

Q: So you would not consider doing a show in a slaughterhouse?

Problem is, the network gets a little squeamish when animals start dying on camera, even chickens. Although it's very real and very, very dirty, it's also very sensitive. Personally, I'd like to do an entire show on the inner workings of a slaughterhouse, and meet the people who make the chicken nuggets (whatever they are).

But don't hold your breath.

Q: Would you ever consider adding a co-host?

It really depends on how vital a role you think I play in the show's success, and I'm too biased to comment on that objectively.

I will tell you that there have been serious conversations about hiring a co-host, or correspondent, to help lighten the production load. Such a person would not work with me, but shoot additional segments for the show. In fact, a test segment has already been shot. I don't know if it will air or not, and I can't say if it's a good idea. Ultimately, it's not my decision to make.

Q: I see from your bio that you sang in the opera. What other singing do you do?

I studied theater and music in Maryland - early '80s, and joined the Baltimore Opera to get my union card and meet girls. In spite of that noble beginning, I wound up appreciating the genre a great deal. I still do, but have no plans to revisit the scene of that particular crime(s) ... These days, I sing mainly at weddings and funerals. I still get together with some buddies who I used to perform with in an a capella group, and enjoy singing four-part arrangements of old standards. This activity usually occurs on a boat, far out of earshot from innocent bystanders ... I sing bass/baritone.

Q: Where are you from?

(I was) born in Baltimore. I grew up in Overlea, next [to the] Gardens of Faith Cemetery — right off Trumps Mill Rd. [Went to] Overlea Sr. High, Class of '80.

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