About Dual Survival

posted: 11/06/12
About Dual Survival

Choices made in the first 72 hours of any survival situation are the most critical. Dual Survival returns with the next generation of survivalists, who are ready to tackle the toughest terrains and demonstrate how to make it out alive--hopefully within the first 72 hours.

Each week, Grady Powell and Bill McConnell will be dropped into survival situations that anyone, anywhere in the world, could one day encounter. These experts exhibit how the right skills, knowledge and mental attitude can keep people alive under even the most extreme circumstances. Each episode takes place in a different remote wilderness location, where Grady and Bill must put aside their philosophical differences and work together to secure the four key elements of wilderness survival: water, food, fire and shelter.

Grady and Bill honed their skills in distinct environments, resulting in contrasting philosophies and very different approaches to survival. Grady is a former U.S. Army Green Beret with a "no quit" mindset, who passed selection at only 21 years old, and is among some of the youngest soldiers to have made it into the elite brotherhood of Special Forces Operators. A small arms, mobility and survival expert, Grady has run protection for high-level U.S. dignitaries overseas and currently teaches tactical skills to law enforcement and civilians.

Meanwhile, his new partner Bill McConnell, a primitive wilderness survivalist, takes a much different approach. Bill considers himself to be on a lifelong journey to connect with nature and often 'talks' to plants and animals in the wild. He is continually seeking out both indigenous and ancient skills, including fire making, tool & weapons manufacturing, and hunting.

Grady and Bill will navigate unique survival situations - stepping into extreme scenarios with the bare minimum of resources that someone in that position may have - and live out the experience until they achieve the ultimate goal: making it out alive. Each challenging journey is followed step-by-step, demonstrating that ordinary people can survive extraordinary circumstances.

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