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Dudes Being Dudes

Season Two

Episode 8: No-Sleep Nightmare [Premiered Wed Dec 17, 2014]

Bushcraft expert Tim is interested in playing the game, but he's completely blindsided when the Dudes immediately come to collect him. Dropped in the freezing terrain of Norway, he suffers from a dangerously long day with the sun never setting. In the epic season finale, can Tim find rescue in less than 100 hours and win the game?
VIDEO: Welcome to the Game | Dudes to the Rescue BONUS VIDEO: Dudes Being Dudes RELATED FEATURES: Tim Smith Bio

Episode 7: Island of Death [Premiered Wed Dec 10, 2014]

After failing to complete the game earlier this season in Namibia, Jake is given a chance at redemption in Nicaragua. Facing croc-infested waters and dehydration, can Jake find rescue off Zapatera Island in less than 100 hours? Or will he become the first Dude to lose twice in one season?
VIDEO: One Epic Skydive | A Croc Invasion BONUS VIDEO: Jake Smash! RELATED FEATURES: Jake Zweig Bio

Episode 6: Pain in the Neck [Premiered Wed Dec 3, 2014]

After being thrown out of a helicopter in Transylvania, Terry Schappert discovers the hardest part of his challenge will have nothing to do with his own health. Tasked with caring for the well-being of a small puppy, the game has never been harder. Can Terry find rescue for himself and his new pet?
VIDEO: Man's Best Friend | Dracula's Surprise BONUS VIDEO: Terry the Vampire RELATED FEATURES: Terry Schappert Bio

Episode 5: The Hunger Game [Premiered Wed Nov 26, 2014]

Casey Anderson thought he was being brought in as a bear expert for last week's challenge. Little did he know, he's next to play the game! Can the bear whisperer escape the Canadian Rockies in less than 100 hours and prove he's got what it takes?
VIDEO: Tweety Bird Roast | Poop's on the Menu BONUS VIDEO: Old Fashioned Log Splittin' Competition RELATED FEATURES: Casey Anderson Bio

Episode 4: Death Row [Premiered Wed Nov 19, 2014]

After being kidnapped by the Dudes, barefoot survivalist Chris Swanda is left shackled and alone in the abandoned Bison Prison. Can he break out of jail and find rescue in the Canadian woods in less than 100 hours?
VIDEO: It's Time to Play | In Prison, Again BONUS VIDEO: Dudes vs. Zombies RELATED FEATURES: Chris Swanda Bio | Chris Swanda Q&A Photos

Episode 3: Mayan Sacrifice [Premiered Wed Nov 12, 2014]

John Hudson is captured and dropped into the deep and claustrophobic water caves in Mexico's Yucatan region. Can "The Professor" escape the labyrinth of bat-infested caves and beat the game in less than 100 hours?
VIDEO: The World's Most Terrifying Maze | John's Hearty Breakfast BONUS VIDEO: Paddle Boarding Break RELATED FEATURES: John Hudson Bio | John Hudson Q&A Photos

Episode 2: African Ambush [Premiered Wed Nov 5, 2014]

Primitive skills survivalist Matt Graham is kidnapped by the Dudes and dropped in Tanzania. With giant predators lurking at night and dehydration beginning to kick in, will Matt be able to escape in less than 100 hours?
VIDEO: Matt's on the Hunt | Got Blood? BONUS VIDEO: Rungu Throwing Contest RELATED FEATURES: Matt Graham Bio | Terry Schappert Q&A Photos

Episode 1: Epic Fail [Premiered Wed Oct 29, 2014]

The Dudes are back for another season of the game! In the premiere, the Dudes kidnap former Navy SEAL Jake Zweig and drop him in the middle of the Namib desert in Namibia. Can Jake escape the desert in less than 100 hours before things take a deadly turn?
VIDEO: Season 2 Sneak Peek | In Desperate Need of Water | Bye Mr. Goldfish BONUS VIDEO: Fooled by a Grasshopper RELATED FEATURES: Jake Zweig Bio | Jake Zweig Q&A Photos

Season One

Episode 1: Volcano Nightmare [Premiered Sun Dec 8, 2013]

Jake, our former Navy SEAL, is ambushed and dumped atop a volcano in Iceland. Facing deadly avalanche fields, boiling mud pits and sulfuric geysers, Jake could lose more than the game when he makes a near-fatal error in the land of fire and ice.
VIDEO: Jake Makes Snow Googles | Jake Zweig in a Speedo | Screwed in Iceland AFTERSHOW: Jake Zweig Aftershow BONUS VIDEO: Jake's Giant Pink Teddy Bear | Jake Makes a Candle | Jake Makes Firewood RELATED FEATURES: Jake Zweig Bio | Screwed in Iceland Survival Quiz | Iceland Challenge Map

Episode 2: Embrace the Suck [Premiered Sun Dec 15, 2013]

Terry, our Green Beret, is ambushed on vacation and tossed out of an airplane into the middle of the ocean in the Gulf of Mexico. Facing the threat of dehydration and freezing conditions, will Terry's training help him survive the challenge and find land?
VIDEO: Terry Embraces the Suck | Terry Makes Fire with "Flare" AFTERSHOW: Terry Schappert Aftershow BONUS VIDEO: Will Terry's Raft Float? RELATED FEATURES: Terry Schappert Bio | Screwed at Sea Survival Quiz | Gulf of Mexico Challenge Map

Episode 3: Green Hell [Premiered Sun Dec 22, 2013]

Matt, our primitive skills expert, is snatched from his surfboard and dumped into the Costa Rican jungle in his flip flops. Treacherous waterfalls, poisonous snakes and blood-sucking ticks abound. Will the jungle eat Matt alive before he can escape?
VIDEO: Ticks Crawl All Over Matt AFTERSHOW: Matt Graham Aftershow BONUS VIDEO: Matt Graham Takes a Swim | The Dudes Go for a Swim RELATED FEATURES: Matt Graham Bio | Screwed in Costa Rica Quiz

Episode 4: Conquering Alaska [Premiered Sun Dec 29, 2013]

John, our extreme survival instructor, is put to the test as he's taken down in broad daylight and dropped on an Alaskan glacier with little more than a pool cue to defend himself. Can he navigate across the tundra before his body goes hypothermic?
VIDEO: John Brews Tea in the Wilderness | John Turns Needle Into Compass | John Makes Fire with Lipstick AFTERSHOW: John Hudson Aftershow BONUS VIDEO: Matt's Atlatl vs. Jake's Bow and Arrow | Eating a Caribou's Stomach RELATED FEATURES: John Hudson Bio | Screwed in Alaska Quiz

Episode 5: Dead Man Walking [Premiered Sun Jan 5, 2014]

Army Veteran Tom is captured, hooded, handcuffed, and dropped on a volcano in the wilderness of Chile. He'll need all his bushcraft skills to scale glaciers, conquer an impenetrable jungle, and brave the desolation as he races to find civilization.
BONUS VIDEO: John's Bow and Arrow Lesson RELATED FEATURES: Screwed in Chile Quiz

Episode 6: Arctic Disaster [Premiered Sun Jan 12, 2014]

Primitive skills expert and endurance athlete Matt is captured and dropped into chest-deep snow in the Arctic circle. Wearing nothing but his buckskin shorts and sandals, he has to fight through a frozen swamp of snow to find his way back to civilization.
VIDEO: Matt Graham Makes Snowshoes | Matt Graham Eats Pine Tree Bark AFTERSHOW: Matt Graham's Finland Aftershow BONUS VIDEO: The Dudes Go Snowmobiling RELATED FEATURES: Matt Graham Bio | Screwed in the Arctic Quiz

Episode 7: Deadly Inferno [Premiered Sun Jan 19, 2014]

Extreme survival instructor John Hudson is gassed by the guys at his dentist appointment, extracted to the endless Canyonlands of Utah, and dropped into a 200-foot crevasse. Forced to confront a devilish maze of claustrophobic dead end passages, can he make it out?
VIDEO: John Hudson Makes Sock Tea | John Makes a Benghazi Boiler AFTERSHOW: John Hudson's Utah Aftershow RELATED FEATURES: John Hudson Bio
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