Episode 1: Mouth of the South

A cash-strapped economy has made trading more popular than ever in Hickory, North Carolina, and veteran barter shark Gene Roberts has to take on a new sidekick, Robert Price, just to stay in the game. But when a barter war ensues with their arch-rivals, Fred and Andy, over a Prohibition-era kegerator, Gene’s southern charm may not be enough to seal the deal. Without a single item for Friday’s big auction, Gene stocks up on bizarre novelty collectibles, including a 10-foot ear of corn, and Robert questions their budding partnership. But a last-minute trade-out for a Civil War sword with an unusual history could turn their luck around.

ITEMS: Kegerator, Civil War Sword, Giant Corncob

VIDEO: Redneckonomics | Elvis Clock Seals the Deal | Vintage Kegerator Face-Off

Episode 2: Flirting With Disaster

Veteran barterers, Fred and Andy, go head-to-head with Ron Boudreaux, the city slicker from New Orleans, for a 1948 Ferguson tractor. Pessimistic Fred thinks Andy is over-trading, especially because the engine won’t even start, but the two run into much bigger problems when their own truck breaks down on the way to auction. Meanwhile, barter sharks, Jimmy and Nicki, are the last ones to arrive at a local barnyard sale, but they luck-out by stumbling upon a vintage David Bradley chainsaw. But "Jimmy the Flirt" has a soft spot for the ladies and when rival picker, Sherry, tries to sweet talk their prized pick right out from under their noses, the barterers have to make some new ground rules.

ITEMS: Tractor, Bradley Chainsaw, Jukebox

VIDEO: A Rival Flashes a Smile | Psychological Warfare (Bonus Scene)