Dangerous Animals

Paul Rosolie

posted: 12/03/14
Paul Rosolie With a Giant Green Anaconda
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Paul Rosolie With a Giant Green Anaconda

Paul Rosolie is a naturalist, author, and award-winning wildlife filmmaker who has specialized in the western Amazon for nearly a decade. Along with running a conservation project called the Tamandua Expeditions, which uses tourism to support rainforest conservation, Paul's work has taken him to some of the last dark places on the map.

Paul grew up in New York, and bored of its concrete jungle, he began traveling to the Amazon as a teenager. His fascination with giant snakes of all kinds, especially Green Anacondas, began there.

His recent book, Mother of God, tells the story of Paul's journey into the most remote parts of the Amazon, in an action packed call-to-arms to protect the world's greatest rainforest.

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