Meet Joby Ogwyn

posted: 01/28/14
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Joby Ogwyn
Discovery Communications

Ever since he was a kid, Joby Ogwyn always imagined what it would be like to fly. This May, Joby fulfills that dream with an epic wingsuit jump from the top of the world's highest mountain. "I can't think of a more spectacular backdrop than Everest," Joby said when announcing the LIVE event on Discovery.

Joby Ogwyn's passion for travel and adventure began at age 15, when he drove a beat-up van to Guatemala with friends to climb volcanoes and explore ancient Mayan ruins. Since then, Joby has set world records for jumps and speed ascents on some of the highest mountains on the planet. He first summited Everest when he was 25, becoming the youngest American to make it to the top. In 2008, he set the world record for the fastest ascent with a nine-and-a-half-hour climb (it typically takes three to four days). Now, he tackles his ultimate challenge on Everest - something he's dreamed about all of his life.

In addition to wing-suit piloting, Joby is also a world-renowned alpinist and BASE jumper. When not traveling the world, Joby lives in Italy and California.

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