Rex Rotsko

posted: 01/15/15
Rex Rotsko

Rex Rotsko is Texplo's UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) Technician and the "old man" on the team.

In 2002, Rex was invited to meet a 21 year old "kid" named Matt Barnett who was blowing up a car just for fun. Immediately impressed with Matt's charisma and passion for explosives, Rex knew that when the day came for Matt to start a company he'd want to be involved.

Rex's favorite things about working at Texplo are the people, working outdoors and, of course, blowing stuff up! Though his intention is to keep the mood light for the most part, Rex admits he sometimes get's a little "butt hurt", as Matt likes to say, when he feels there's just cause. Rex is excited to be a part of the Texplo journey and he looks forward to being along for the ride for years to come.

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