About Era Alaska

posted: 04/11/12

For decades, the Era Alaska group of airlines — including Frontier Flying Service, Hageland Aviation and Era Aviation — have been connecting some of the Last Frontier's most famous destinations, including Anchorage, Fairbanks, Bethel, Unalakleet, Homer, Valdez, Kenai, Kodiak, Barrow and beyond. Era Alaska has been providing essential transport and supply services for about as long as Alaska has been the 49th state, expanding their operations and experience right alongside the growth of the northernmost expanses of the United States. The Era Alaska family now offers scheduled service to more than 100 communities statewide. Era's team of professionals on the ground and in the air has the history and experience to offer the highest level of customer satisfaction today — and for the future. Their fleet includes around 70 aircraft from small single-engine Cessnas that can handle off-airport landings to the large C-23 Sherpa that carries payloads up to 7,000 pounds. From 1 to 37 passenger groups and odd sized cargo up to 6,000 pounds, the group has charter authority for anywhere in Alaska, Canada and the Lower 48.

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