Doug Stewart

posted: 04/11/12
Doug Stewart
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Doug Stewart

Doug obtained his pilot's license in Seattle during his senior year of high school. After a brief stint as an actor on "All My Children," he arrived in Nome and was immediately given the nickname "Hollywood" by the other pilots. His favorite thing about flying in Alaska is the freedom, the lack of air-traffic, and the lack of people on the radio telling you what to do. But with that freedom comes risk.

Doug recalls his most harrowing experience as being when he had to perform the "Rockford Maneuver" while landing on the Diomede Island ice runway years ago. This maneuver is named after the "J-Turn" frequently used in the car chase scenes in "The Rockford Files" TV show. The tires of Doug's Piper Navjo were slipping on the wet icy surface and with the end of the runway fast approaching, he spun the plane 180 degrees and used forward thrust to prevent an imminent crash. It was a gutsy maneuver that saved his life, but one he hopes to never repeat.

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