Ferno Tweto

posted: 04/11/12
Ferno Tweto
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Ferno Tweto

Born in August of 1961 and raised in Unalakleet, Ferno is part Russian and part Inupiaq Eskimo. An athlete like Jim, Ferno competed in cross-country in high school and has continued to run almost every day since then, even when the winds in Unalakleet blow over 30 miles per hour and the temperature drops to 20 below.

Flying is also in Ferno's blood, as her father was a pilot and regional airline owner. As a young woman she worked for her dad's airline cleaning and loading planes, and in December 1981 received her private pilot's license from a flight school in Everett, Washington.

Ferno met Jim when he arrived in Unalakleet in 1980, and eight years later they were married on a sand bar just outside of town. Ferno and Jim have worked side by side to build their company from its simple beginnings, making many sacrifices along the way. On the day of their wedding Jim didn't return home from work until 6am, exhausted from a long night of flying cargo across Alaska. He managed to make it through the ceremony, but afterwards went straight home to bed while Ferno celebrated the day with his brothers. Ferno wasn't too pleased about Jim's absence, but they have developed a give and take in their relationship that has allowed them to live and work together 24/7 and still enjoy each other's company.

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