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Penguin Cam: Frequently Asked Questions

posted: 08/06/12
Johnathan and Angela/Getty Images

Where is this?

You are watching a 24/7 camera inside the SeaWorld Penguin Encounter at Sea World, San Diego where it's 25-27?F year round. We have two cameras: Topside and Underwater. Click the Multiview button at the bottom of the player to switch between the two.

How many penguins are here and what types are there?

There are nearly 300 in all. Our penguin population includes regal Emperor and King penguins, Ad?lie penguins, Gentoo penguins and Macaroni penguins. Get to know the five Penguin Cam species, all of which spend at least part of their lives in Antarctica.

What happened to Uno and why does he have only one flipper?

The penguin with one flipper (commonly called "Uno" in chat) is an Ad?lie penguin and is 14 years old. The penguin fractured some bones in his flipper while moulting when he was 2 years old. During moults, penguins naturally lose bone density and are more vulnerable to bone fractures. Unfortunately, after sustaining the bone fractures, he developed an infection in one of his flippers. Although the SeaWorld vets worked very hard to address the infection, it was determined that amputating the flipper was the best medical course of action to save his life. Fortunately, this penguin had vets to address his medical issues -- a penguin in the wild suffering from such an infection would have died. The penguin has no other significant health issues and lives a very comfortable and thriving life at the Penguin Encounter. He also regularly swims in the pool. While he may not swim as proficiently as the penguins with both flippers, he swims well enough.

Why is the picture blurry?

The penguins can get so close to the camera housing that they get it wet. Plus, it's very cold in the exhibit (25-27?F) and things tend to ice over. So if things don't look great right now, stick with us. We try to wipe down/dry off the camera housing as much as possible.

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