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Frozen Planet Facebook Timeline Covers

posted: 08/06/12

FROZEN PLANET Facebook Timeline Covers


Frozen Planet, from the co-producers of Planet Earth and Life, is the ultimate look at our planet's polar regions.

Share your excite about this upcoming, landmark series with your friends and family on Facebook with a Frozen Planet Facebook Timeline Cover.

Here's an example of how it will look once posted with your profile picture:


  1. Click your cover photo of choice
  2. Right-click the enlarged image and select "save as"
  3. Name the file as you see fit
  4. Upload to your own Facebook photos
  5. Set it as your timeline cover photo!

SPYHOPPING ORCAS — Killer whales spy hop in search of channels through the ice.
POLAR BEAR FAMILY — A polar bear leads her cubs across the sea ice.
PENGUIN LEAPING — An emperor penguin leaps from the sea.
ANTARCTICA'S MOUNTAINS — Mountains guard the interior of Antarctica.
WEASEL ON THE HUNT — A least weasel with red-tinged paws hunts for voles.
CRIMINAL PENGUIN — An Adélie penguins "steals" a rock to build its nest.
FINGER OF DEATH — An icy "finger of death," called a brinicle, strikes the seafloor.
UNICORNS OF THE SEA — A pod of narhwals navigates through an opening in the ice.
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