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posted: 02/05/14

Episode Six: Turkish Roulette

Premiere: Fri Apr 4 10/9c

The team climbs high into Turkey's hot and arid mountains to close a deal for rare Blue Turk gemstone, in time for the world's largest jewelry fair in Hong Kong. But when they get the material back to their hotel, they realize they've been scammed.

With the fraudsters long gone they need to source another gem for Hong Kong, and fast. Their only option is to risk their lives mining themselves - in an abandoned, unsafe, tapped-out mine in the middle of nowhere.

Deep inside, they find the gemstone they're looking for, but they also find what every gem hunter dreads most, a collapse.

Episode Five: Gypsy Mafia

Premiere: Fri Mar 28 10/9c

When Don and the team travel to the former Eastern Bloc to check out a record-breaking Zultanite, their worst fears are confirmed: it's in the hands of the underworld.

The man selling the stone is a notorious loan shark who surrounds himself with armed bodyguards. But their concern turns to terror when Don wins the auction for the stone - by bidding 100k more than they have. With 24 hours to raise the cash, Don and the team get dragged deeper into the underworld, then risk everything on a mine in Transylvania that they've never seen before.

Video: Gambling with the Gypsy Mafia

Episode Four: Million Dollar Gamble

Premiere: Fri Mar 21 10/9c

Don Kogen and his gem hunting team turn up at Tanzania's notorious Mererani mines in search of a massive piece of rough Tanzanite gemstone that's legendary in the gem world.

They find out that the stone is being sold by a semi-nomadic Maasai family grazing their cattle somewhere in the plains of West Kilimanjaro. But their quest to find them soon goes wrong when their 4x4 gets stuck in a dry river. Despite their local fixer's warnings about the dangers of lions, elephants and snakes, they agree to continue across the savanna on foot.

It's not long before they realize they've made a mistake. Sensing a pride of lions close by, they alter their course. But it is another creature that attacks their camp and puts their lives at risk.

Videos: The Legend of the Namunyak | I Don't Mind Suppressing My Sexuality... | Elephant Breakfast

Episode Three: City of Emeralds

Premiere: Fri Mar 14 10/9c

Don and his gem hunting team head deep into Brazil in pursuit of a 10-carat emerald for a wealthy client. After descending 800 feet via rope and pulley into a hand-built mine, they believe they've found what they came for.

But an unforeseen twist ruins the deal, and they're forced to search for another 10-carat emerald. This takes them deep into the remote north east where they're followed, robbed and forced to tackle the wilderness on foot.

Even when they've sourced a stone, it still needs to be cut. In a riveting finale, the team's cutter Gavin holds their entire fortune in his shaking hands, as he faces his worst fears.

Videos: Aftershow | Don't Look Down! | Fear Gets Robbed | I've F---ed The Emerald! | Gavin Gets Blessed

Episode Two: Himalayan Motherlode

Premiere: Fri Mar 7 10/9c

Intelligence about a find of rare, precious Beryl stones takes gem hunter Don Kogen and his team 10,000 feet up in a remote and snowbound region of the Himalayas. They tackle glacial rivers and sheer climbs because their intel is that local miners are sitting on over 200 pounds of gem quality Beryl, which could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But a twist awaits them in the mine: which sends them racing down the mountain in pursuit of a stone Don has coveted for years: a rare, antique Kashmir Sapphire. Their hunt for a trader selling this stone leads them to the salt flats of Northern India, and a nail-biting auction.

Videos: Aftershow | Aftershow | Uncut & Unpolished: India | People Will Kill For That | Arch Rivals | Bonus Scene: A Sapphire...or a Smoke?

Episode One: Landmines

Premiere: Fri Feb 28 10/9c

Gem hunter Don Kogen flies to Thailand to check out a rumor that precious and highly rare sunset-colored rubies have been found across the border, in a notorious region of Cambodia.

A flawless ruby the size of a fingernail can fetch a quarter of a million dollars. Don finds out that a rival gem hunter is already on the trail so to save time, Don and his loyal team take a series of short cuts on foot and by boat through the Cambodian jungle. But to get through this remote and dangerous region they must find a way through landmine fields and past local armed gangs who know that they're carrying a massive amount of cash.

Videos: Aftershow | Uncut & Unpolished Thailand | Extremely Rare Rubies | Extreme Gem Hunter | Cobras & Land Mines | Bonus Scene: "Guys, It's Already Salted"

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