Chris Doumit

posted: 04/11/12


HOMETOWN: Portland, OR

Chris Doumitt can usually be found with a big smile on his face and a big Stogie between his teeth. Chris never actually intended to join the Gold Rush crew. Originally he was only meant to come to Alaska for ten days — to help build a cabin for Greg Remsburg and his family. But gold mining quickly got under his skin and he ended up staying for five months and becoming a key member of the team. He was drawn to the quest and the adventure and felt compelled to help the operation in any way he could.

He became fascinated by the process of gold mining and says panning for gold gives him a thrill "like opening a Christmas present." As one of the hardest workers on the team he puts his legendary work ethic down to growing up on a farm. He remembers learning to drive a tractor before he was even tall enough to see through the windshield. "Being a farm boy, you don't have working hours," he says "You do the job for as long as it takes until its done."

Chris worked for 25 years as a plant carpenter and, more recently, he and his wife have been buying, fixing up and selling homes. In his spare time he is an enthusiastic hunter and competitive rifle shooter. He also teaches responsible gun use to young people. He will have been married to his wife Sharon for 40 years this February. The couple have two children, but have had the privilege of having several more children call them mom and dad through the years.

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