Dave Turin

posted: 04/11/12
Gold Rush Dave Turin
Dave Turin

BACKGROUND: Quarry Manager


Dave Turin has been moving rocks all his adult life. He had been running a rock quarry business for more than two decades with his father and three brothers. The former high school and college football star earned a degree in Civil Engineering and then joined the family business right out of college. Dave is married to his high school sweetheart, Shelly, a nurse, and together they have three grown children.

Todd and Jack Hoffman brought Dave in as an outside consultant at their Porcupine Creek claim. He helped the rookie miners to get their Alaskan operation running and was inspired by their dream of mining for gold. Dave was offered the chance to join the team full time. He convinced his family to let him take time out from their successful rock and paving business and seized the opportunity. Dave doesn't pretend to know everything about gold mining, but he knows how to move a lot of earth safely and effectively, and he has learned a lot about gold mining over the past few seasons. There isn't a piece of construction equipment out there that Dave is not qualified to operate. Focused and determined, Dave's never been one to back away from a challenge. In fact he prefers to attack them head-on. His faith in God, expertise and natural leadership skills give the Hoffman crew the boost they need to be as successful as possible while tackling each season's obstacles.

For three seasons Dave battled the elements alongside Todd, but realized big changes would have to be made after their failure in Guyana. When Dave returned home with nothing to show for his mining season he vowed this could never happen again.

After briefly joining the Dodge brothers down in Carmacks in season 5, Dave rejoined the Hoffman crew as a partner and played a big part in them surpassing their 1000oz goal in season 5.

This year Dave wants to do everything right and build on last season's success. Last year they did too much too late and Dave determined not to make that mistake again. It's time to get some serious gold.

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