Freddy Dodge

posted: 10/14/14
Gold Rush Freddy Dodge
Freddy Dodge

Freddy's worked with Hoffman crew as a gold recovery and wash plant expert since they started mining in season 1, and joined the crew full time in season 3. In season 4, Freddy Dodge left the Hoffman's in the Guyana jungle and teamed up with his older brother Derek to mine his own claim: Carmacks (a claim that Todd Hoffman turned down.) Freddy discovered it was very good gold ground yielding big nuggets.

After success in Carmacks in season 5 Freddy rejoined the Hoffman crew and was their invaluable washplant expert ensuring Monster Red, a plant he built, caught the Hoffmans over 4000 ounces of gold in its two seasons in the Klondike.

When he's not gold mining Freddy shoots shotguns competitively and frequently coaches in that regard. He's a keen hunter and holds the number 1, number 2, and number 3 largest Canadian moose ever harvested with a muzzle loaded rifle.

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