Jack Hoffman

The Inspiration

Jack Hoffman

BACKGROUND: Gold Miner, Bush pilot, Ex-Military


Twenty-five years ago, Jack Hoffman mined for gold in Alaska and came close to losing everything. He failed at realizing his gold mining dream, and was never able to shake the experience and feeling of letting down his family. In 2010, with his son Todd leading the way, Jack had a second chance to achieve his dream.

Driven by his desire to find gold, Jack has boundless energy and is as tough as they come. He gets up before dawn and works round-the-clock, putting gold miners half his age to shame. By his own admission, Jack will do whatever it takes — even if it ends up killing him. A self-made man who served in the military and is active in his local church, when mining Jack prefers to go on instinct and gut feeling, rather than waste time talking about plans and strategies.

After the Hoffman crew’s failure in Guyana last year, Jack is the only one who remains unperturbed. He is determined not to allow Todd to wallow in defeat, and to show his son he can rise from the ashes.

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