Andy Spinks

Andy Spinks

BACKGROUND: Tree Nursery Business


Working in the family’s tree nursery business for 22 years, Andy is no stranger to working long hour’s outdoors and running a variety of heavy equipment. Being raised in a Christian home he was taught the value of honesty and hard work from a young age – this sheer determination means he can work long hours with very little sleep.

Andy believes Gold Rush is an, “awesome, life changing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” and joined Hoffman team in Season Three, hoping to find an alternative income to support his wife and their two children. Andy believes, “Men should quit making excuses, and should stand by their commitments to their wife and children and work hard to provide for them financially.”

After a disastrous season in the jungle last year, Andy has returned to work on his family’s nursery. “In Guyana, the hardest thing for me was to get up every day and fail, we never succeeded in anything that we did, and everything was backwards”.

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