Rick Ness

Big Nugget

A Gold Rush Crew

AGE: 31

BACKGROUND: College Football, Musician

HOMETOWN: Milwaukee, WI

Recovering from a college football head injury that ended his career, Rick took up music, learning to play an upright bass. He formed a band with three other guys called the .357 Stringband. Over the last seven years they have recorded four albums in Nashville, TN and have released three. The band has toured relentlessly around the world and it was during a stop at the Southeast Alaskan State Fair where Rick met Parker Schnabel and expressed an interest in working with him. Nine months later Parker made the call.

Rick had no mining experience before joining Gold Rush and limited experience in heavy equipment, although he had learned about machines from his early work at his family’s commercial construction company. Gold Rush was his favorite show on TV, however when he applied for a job with Parker Schnabel, he had no idea he was applying for a job that included him becoming part of the show. Appearing on TV and spending a summer in Alaska have both been separate ambitions of Rick and he considers himself extremely lucky to have had both happen at once.

While he hopes to return to the entertainment industry, Rick loves to continually seek out adventure and new experiences, He doesn’t consider himself a person who will ever just “work a job,” there has to be more to keep him around. He joined Parker’s team for the adventure; he thought it would be really interesting and fun to have the opportunity to spend his summer in Alaska. In his free time he loves motorcycles and hitting the gym.