Tony Beets

posted: 11/27/12
Tony Beets

BACKGROUND: Farming, Construction

HOMETOWN: Dawson City, Yukon Territory via Wijdenes, Netherlands

Tony worked on the family farm until he left for Canada and worked pipeline construction for three years. He came to Dawson in 1984 and has been a miner ever since.

Tony runs an enormous mine not far from Dawson. He hires dozens of teenagers each year, many of whom quit or get fired. The rest are welcomed into his family. His wife and childhood sweetheart Minnie runs the paperwork and his four kids operate machinery for him. He is a self-professed hard worker. His key advice is to learn as you go and take an interest in your job.

As for himself, he believes the key to his massive success is that he has drilled every inch of his property so he knows where the gold is. His personal ambition is to get two operations going at one time.

Five Things You May Not Know About Tony Beets
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