Meet George Wright VI

posted: 10/12/12

George Wright grew up in Northern California and has lived around the world in countries including Japan and Argentina. He now lives in Utah with his wife Marie and their three children. A fighter by profession, George has over 100 Kickboxing and MMA bouts to his name, and close to zero defeats. He also holds a black belt in martial arts. As an entrepreneur with wide ranging business interests including real estate, the U.S. real estate crash in 2008 destroyed his company and buried him in debt. With his future on the line, George made a bold decision with his friend Scott Lomu to risk it all and mine for gold in the West African jungles of Ghana, a region with vast reserves of gold-rich ground that could ensure even these rookies with aging machinery can strike it rich. George is fiercely loyal, passionate and determined to do what it takes to pay off his debts and provide for his wife and children.

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