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About King of the Grill

On Wednesday, June 26 at 10|9c, travel to Houston, Texas - America’s barbeque heartland - on King of the Grill!

King of the Grill follows Ritch Robin, owner of Gator Pit of Texas, as he builds a custom grill for his new client Galactic Coast Brewing. The owners plan to launch their new line of craft beer at a space-themed launch party, but the event is only 5 days away, placing Ritch under a crushing deadline. Never one to back down from a challenge, Ritch and his team design and build an 18-foot BBQ grill replicating a space shuttle, complete with three working thrusters that shoot 10-foot flames into the air. It’s a race against the clock, complicated by a surprise visit from Ritch’s 73-year-old mother.

Can Ritch make the deadline or will this extreme custom grill go up in “smoke”?

Find out on King of the Grill, premiering Wednesday, June 26 at 10|9c, only on the Discovery Channel!

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