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Life Episodes: Creatures of the Deep

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Deep-sea marine invertebrates are extraordinarily diverse. In this episode, carnivorous Humboldt squid change color like flashing neon signs and attack a school of fish in a coordinated hunting maneuver, while vast numbers of giant spider crabs emerge from the deep and congregate in the shallows to molt.

Time lapse cameras capture starfish, sea urchins and monster worms devouring a seal carcass in an astonishing frenzy of predation.

The female Pacific giant octopus scours the ocean floor for a safe place to hide and lay her eggs. For the next six months she does not leave her den, but guards her eggs, keeping them oxygenated, free from disease and safe from predators.

Gradually she starves, and in her last act of devotion blows water over her eggs to help them hatch. Then, she dies.

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