Joel Lambert

posted: 12/29/13
Joel  Lambert
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Joel Lambert

Joel Lambert is an exceptional and highly skilled former US Navy SEAL who constantly seeks out new endeavors that test the limits of his ability as an operator and as an individual. He continually pushes himself and shows no signs of stopping.

Joel was raised in Washington State in a small logging town on the Columbia River. Growing up, Joel had no direction but only knew he wanted something that would challenge him and was searching for a path that would be the most rewarding and the most risky. Joel can recount a story when he was 10 years old about his father's friend who tried out to be a SEAL but quit during a training exercise where he had to be revived after he was thrown in the water with hands and feet tied behind his back and tested to survive. As a kid, Joel would always swim in the deep end of the pool and think about that story. One day, Joel decided that trying out to be a SEAL would be the ultimate challenge he had been searching for.

At 22, Joel went to a Navy recruiting office and did nothing but train to ensure he was at top physical condition to be accepted. In 1998, Joel joined the Navy and made it through BUD/S, the brutal and grueling selection course for the SEAL Teams, where he proudly served during his 10 years in the military. He was deployed on combat missions to locations including Afghanistan, the European theatre and Kosovo. Joel operated within SEAL Teams 2 & 4 for 8 years. During that time, he planned and participated in over 20 real-world combat missions; headed the mission critical ordnance department containing all weaponry and optics for 16 SEAL operators; trained SEAL operators and foreign special operations personnel from Singapore, Thailand, Greece, Egypt, Germany, Netherlands and Estonia.

Some of Joel's qualifications include heavy weapons trained; stinger missile systems qualified; Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape trained; close quarters defense and battle; Dive Supervisor; Military Free-fall trained.

After his last tour in Afghanistan, Joel spent 2 years as a BUD/S instructor, the screening and selection program for the Navy SEALs. He took on this new role with the understanding that helping to create the next generation of Frogmen is as important as serving in combat. During his time as an instructor, Joel earned the designation "Master Training Specialist" in recognition of superior training and briefing skills and was consistently in the top 10% of instructor staff.

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