Kregg Tariske

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With boundless energy and enthusiasm, Kregg speaks to everyone he meets as if he’s known them his entire life. And if you encounter him, it’s likely that the conversation will move quickly towards Corvairs. His love affair with Chevrolet’s small, rear-engined vehicles began as a child when his family would head out on road-trips in a Corvair station wagon.

Today, the postal worker is the Inland Empire Corvair Club’s most active member, trading and restoring cars with others. Kregg’s girlfriend of 10 years, Beth, is also a fan of Corvairs but her tolerance only stretches so far, and he finds himself sneaking newly purchased vehicles onto his property while she’s out. His biggest concern is that city authorities will discover how many cars are stashed on his land and force him to part with them.

The Hoard

On Kregg’s driveway sit two beautifully restored ‘65 Corvairs and another is undergoing a V8 conversion in his garage. But the back yard of his small suburban house is a different matter. Over 20 vehicles are spread out on the garden. One or two are drivable, a similar number are destined for the crusher, but the overwhelming majority could be candidates for sale or restoration.

The only problem is that Corvairs are not very valuable. Although stylish and nimble, the cars aren’t powerful enough to piqué the interests of most gear-heads. Kregg may be able to sell some of his ‘60s and ‘70s coups, station wagons and vans, but rather than raising vast sums of cash for the restoration, it’s likely that the job will depend on combining parts already owned by him and his Inland Empire Corvair Club pals. This could take place at a ‘swap meet’ located on his property, while he fires-up his customized Car-BQ – a Corvair with a meat grill installed in its trunk. As well as his beloved ’61 Lakewood station wagons, Kregg has four ’64 Greenbrier vans that could be combined to create a radically customized surf-dude bus.

Hoard Highlights

Around 25 cars, almost entirely composed of ‘underdog’ Corvairs.

  • ’65 Corvair Corsa Coupe
  • ’65 Corvair Four Door
  • ’65 Corvair with Chevy V8
  • ’65 Corvair Monza Convertible
  • 2 X ’61 Corvair Lakewood Wagons
  • 4 X ’64 Chevrolet Greenbrier Vans
  • ’61 Rampside Pickup
  • ’52 Chevrolet Pickup


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