Ruth England

posted: 04/11/12
Ruth England
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Ruth England

Holding a Bachelors Degree in documentary filmmaking and photography from the University of Westminster, London, Ruth England has traveled the world recording wild adventures, natural phenomena, tribal societies, and exotic wildlife. As a successful TV journalist and photographer, Ruth has traversed the world from the wilds of Africa, to the jungles and mountains of Asia, to the frozen Arctic tundra.

In Borneo, Ruth was adopted by the Iban tribe, who taught her to eat tadpole stew, and how to suck water snails from their shells. She's dangled from a cliff in Rwanda, holding onto nothing more than a machete blade, while being charged by a 450-pound silverback mountain gorilla. In South Africa, she was filmed at gunpoint; in Iceland, she's kayaked across volcanic lakes; and in the Alps of France, she rappelled down glacial crevices. Ruth has faced a herd of stampeding African elephants, gone swimming with sharks in Australia, and tracked tigers in Nepal. She says all these adventures were easy compared to being a Mom!

Now, Ruth is about to embark on a documentary assignment that blows all of her past experiences away. For the first time, she's documenting the best survivalist she's ever met as they journey together into the unknown. And the tough as nails trekker going with her just happens to be...her husband.

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