Jordan Butler

posted: 10/21/14
Cast Bio for Jordan Butler from the hit series Misfit Garage on Discovery.

Dirt, bikes, motors, car engines ... these are things that get Jordan Butler fired up.

Jordan remembers from the days he could just walk, his dad had him in the garage working with him - breaking down dirt bikes and other vehicles, then putting them back together. Jordan was hooked.

As he grew, Jordan got involved in racing cars. Every Wednesday through high school he would drag race at local strips for money -- $1000 - and he doesn't remember losing.

After high school, Jordan enrolled in Wild Tech and got degrees in fabrication, street rodding, and auto body collision. With degrees in-hand, Jordan then set off to seek his fortune...and went to work for John Force, 14-time funny car driver.

Jordan worked on John Force's pit crew for top fuel funny cars, and traveled from state to state to different drag strips for a while, trying to figure out where he really wanted to land. Jordan eventually returned home and built show and race cars for people in the automobile community for five-and-a-half years. Jordan made a name for himself as a solid race car chassis builder, and became sought after by some very high bidders.

Jordan's cars won numerous track championships on all types of race tracks in Texas. Jordan and Thomas met four years ago when Thomas hired him to build a racecar. While racing the car Jordan built for him, Thomas hit the wall doing 100 mph coming out of a corner. Jordan fixed the car, and the next week Thomas won the feature while racing that car. The two have been inseparable ever since.

Jordan hooked up with Gas Monkey Garage as his other job running a chassis shop was phasing out. Jordan met with Richard and Aaron, and was hired on the spot. Jordan liked that he could do something different every day at Gas Monkey. Jordan doesn't have a garage at his own house, but he has two garages to work out of, and his dad still has a garage - five doors away from Thomas.

Jordan loves cars - going to races, watching 'em react to dirt, everything about 'em. Thomas puts his car in first place every time he goes, but if they do happen to lose it's still fun because they get to see what they'll need to do to make it faster and better next time.

Jordan also loves football, and says he was very good in high school but didn't see eye to eye with his coaches. His short temper ended his football career. Lucky for us, Jordan chose cars ... so he could get fired-up!

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