Scot McMillan

posted: 10/21/14
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Scot McMillan

Texas born and raised, if you need a steady hand, Scot is your man.

Scot worked on and raced cars with his dad and uncle from age three.

His uncle and step-dad, both mechanical engineers, and his dad, a master fabricator - taught him everything he knows. At just eight years old, Scot used a lathe, mill, and saws to build his first project - a coffee table.

Scot built cars with his dad in their two-car garage since he can remember. While he dreamed of owning his own garage someday, Scot's first business - Scot Rod's - was born in his dad's garage. There, Scot did his first build for pay, with Aaron Kaufman, during their senior year of high school.

After graduation, Scot and Aaron started a shop together, PT Performance, in a space offered them by his uncle. Scot and Aaron built nearly fifty cars together at PT Performance, until Scot's uncle needed the space back.

Unable to find a new shop or get a loan at age 19, Scot joined the Marine Corps. Scot traveled the world and served in Iraq, until being hit by a mortar. This experience reawakened Scot to his passion - building cars - when he returned home in 2006. There he discovered that his friend Aaron Kaufman was now working for Richard Rawlings.

A lifelong collector of parts and other paraphernalia, Scot has always known he wanted to own his own shop. But Scot is not a wheeler-dealer. He doesn't buy and sell for the sake of the deal, instead, he prefers to buy and build a car for a client. Scot's satisfaction comes from sizing up a car and what kind of beauty he can turn it into, not from sizing up a seller or buyer and what kind of deal he can score. In fact, he says he'll be the one who loses in that kind of deal every time - he just doesn't have the personality for negotiation.

Scot also knows Thomas is great at the art of the deal. They met through Richard Rawlings at Gas Monkey Garage. The first day they met, Thomas was mad at Richard about something. Scot came with Richard to meet Thomas to buy a car, and Thomas referred to Richard as Scot's "buddy." Scot made it clear to Thomas that Richard was not his "buddy," but rather he was just Scot's boss. Over a mutual disdain of Richard, Thomas and Scot's friendship was born.

Scot appreciates Thomas' ability to sell. He knows that Thomas knows where to find cars if Scot has a customer who needs one. And if Scot has a car for sale, Thomas knows someone who wants to buy it.

Scot's favorite car is a '65 Chevelle.

As a garage manager, Scot says he is 100 percent different than Aaron. Scot believes there are ten ways to do a project. Done and done right is the only thing that's important to Scot. He believes in doing things this way because it creates a lot more freedom so there's no angriness. His shop's motto is, "Correct is the only option."

Scot believes in the Golden Rule, and says because he's fair to everyone everything has gone his way so far. He's a proud family man, devoted to his wife Niki and two young-uns, Scot III and Cole.

Scot's also a true Texan, through and through. He loves remote control cars, shooting, and stock car racing (although he's never had the money to do it). His uncle designed shifter carts and Scot's cousin raced them all over the country. Just for fun, Scot buys a bunch of ammo and goes to the gun range for lunch every now and then; the rest of his spare time is spent on working on cars.

He's all family, all heart, all mechanic, all Texas. Scot is the rock, the steady-handed car surgeon, the boss. And he is fired-up.

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