MythBusters 2004 Episode Guide

posted: 07/13/12
Killer Quicksand (2004)
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Killer Quicksand (2004)

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Explosive Decompression: Jan. 11, 2004

Can firing a bullet into the shell of an aircraft cause explosive decompression? Can a loaded .22-caliber gun cartridge be used as a replacement fuse in a car's ignition? Can a car be ripped off its rear axle?

WATCH: Explosive Decompression MiniMyth | Rear Axle MiniMyth

Chicken Gun: Jan. 18, 2004

Will launching a chicken at an airplane disrupt its flight, or will the bird be blown away? Is it possible for a woman to swallow an octopus egg -- and then give birth to an eight-legged offspring? Could a man be fatally assaulted and killed by his dirty laundry and washing machine?

WATCH: Chicken Gun MiniMyth | Killer Laundry MiniMyth | Octopus Pregnancy MiniMyth

Sinking Titanic: Feb. 22, 2004

Will a sinking ship suck you down as it goes under? Are goldfish bored or just plain stupid? Will throwing a lit firecracker down the neck of a trombone make your music sweeter?

WATCH: Sinking Titanic MiniMyth | Goldfish Memory MiniMyh

Break Step Bridge: Jan. 25, 2004

Will a college rowing team be able to pull Jamie up on water skis? Can the rhythm of soldiers marching together cause a bridge to collapse? Does the bacteria from a toilet settle in your toothbrush?

WATCH: Toothbrush Surprise MiniMyth | Break Step Bridge MiniMyth

Buried in Concrete: Feb. 25, 2004

Will Jamie and Adam find Jimmy Hoffa, who is allegedly buried in concrete? Can the power and force of a 737 launch a taxicab 75 feet in the air? Is the daddy longlegs the most venomous spider?

WATCH: Buried in Concrete | Daddy Longlegs MiniMyth

Myths Revisited: June 8, 2004

Can someone get electrocuted peeing on an electrified fence? Did Adam apply enough pressure to test the exploding implants? And are cell phones dangerous at gas stations?

WATCH: Peeing on the Third Rail MiniMyth

Scuba Diver and Car Capers: July 27, 2004

Can a SCUBA diver be sucked out of the water by a fire-fighting helicopter and get spit out in the middle of a forest fire? Will a banana in a car's tailpipe make it stall?

Ancient Death Ray: Sept. 29, 2004

Did the Greek scientist Archimedes set fire to a Roman fleet of ships using only mirrors and sunlight? Willl a bulletproof shield really stop a direct hit from a bullet?

Elevator of Death, Levitation Machine: Oct. 6, 2004

If an elevator suddenly falls, can you save yourself in the nick of time by jumping just before it hits bottom? Will the MythBusters be able to create a homemade levitation machine?

WATCH: Elevator of Death MiniMyth | Levitation Machine MiniMyth

Beat the Radar Detector: Oct. 13, 2004

Will a piece of plywood save a construction worker swept off a building? Can hanging a disco ball from your rearview mirror or painting your car a flat-black color deflect a cop's radar laser beams?

Quicksand: Oct. 20, 2004

Can you really murder someone by dropping an electrical appliance into a bathtub? Does a tattoo react with an MRI's rays? Will killer quicksand take down the MythBusters?

WATCH: Killer Quicksand MiniMyth

Exploding Jawbreaker: Oct. 27, 2004

Is it possible to throw a regular playing card fast enough to inflict bodily harm? Can a heated jawbreaker explode in your mouth. Can a sandblasted PVC pipe become a deadly cannon?

WATCH: Exploding Jawbreaker MiniMyth

Pingpong Rescue: Nov. 3, 2004

Is it possible to lift a sunken boat from the ocean floor using only pingpong balls? How many does it take to lift a 3-year-old child off the ground?

Boom-Lift Catapult: Nov. 10, 2004

Will Buster overcome the raw power of a 30,000-pound piece of machinery, or will the boom-lift turn into the ultimate medieval catapult? What is the most fuel-efficient way to keep cool in the car?

Exploding House: Nov. 16, 2004

Just how hard is it to find a needle in a haystack? Are the toxic fumes of roach foggers and bug bombs really an explosive combination? Will talking to your plants really help them grow?

Ming Dynasty Astronaut: Dec. 5, 2004

Will Buster survive an explosive launch into space? Will a stunt double lose his head at the hands of a killer fan, as the MythBusters search for a source of free energy?

Viewers-Choice/Christmas Special: Dec. 22, 2004

Did the viewers vote for Stinky Car? Or will Pop Rocks and Coke win? Will putting a silver spoon in a champagne bottle keep it fizzy? Does a snowman melt faster with its clothes on or off?

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