The Mythbusters


The Emmy(R)-nominated series MYTHBUSTERS aims to uncover the truth behind popular myths and legends by mixing scientific method with gleeful curiosity and plain old-fashioned ingenuity to create a signature style of experimentation. Inspiring a generation to inquire, interact and get involved with science, MYTHBUSTERS uses a signature brand of explosive experimentation to prove or disprove popular myths, misconceptions or legends. Over the past 11 years, the team has tested 946 myths, filmed over 7900 hours, created 840 explosions and used 56,500 yards of duct tape.

Called "the best science show on television," MYTHBUSTERS is hosted by Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage along with co-hosts Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara.

Some of the myths the team has put to rest:

  • Can combining Diet Coke and Mentos make your stomach explode?
  • Would a bull really cause destruction in a china shop?
  • Is it possible to beat a lie detector test?
  • Can plugging your finger in a gun barrel cause it to backfire?
  • Is there a way to beat police speed cameras?
  • Can Christmas tree lights really cause house fires?
  • Is a dirty car more fuel efficient than a clean car?

Don't miss MYTHBUSTERS on Discovery Channel Wednesdays at 9/8c; check the TV schedule for other airings.

Hmmm. What to do now? Well, you can:

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- Submit a myth of your own.

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