MythBusters By the Numbers

posted: 04/11/12
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Mythbusters By Numbers

Ever wonder how many myths the MythBusters have busted or how many tons of explosives they've used? Now you can know these stats and more, courtesy of executive producer Dan Tapster.

Myth Grand Totals:

Years of filming: 8

Total number of episodes: 168

Total hours of programming: 195 (including specials)

Total number of myths: 769 myths (425 busted, 179 confirmed, 155 plausible)

Total number of experiments: Approx. 2,391

Total number of explosions: Approx. 744

Total number of hours filmed: Approx. 6,255

Number of vehicles destroyed 128

Poundage of explosives 12 tons

Note: Totals include episodes through June 2011.

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