MythBusters By the Numbers

posted: 04/11/12
The Fab Five in 2005.
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The Fab Five in 2005.

MythBusters Grand Totals:

Years of filming: 14

Total number of episodes: 248

Total hours of programming: 282 (including specials)

Total number of myths: 1,015 myths (548 busted, 251 confirmed, 216 plausible)

Total number of experiments: 2,950

Total number of explosions: 900

Total amount of duct tape stuck down: 83 miles

Total number of hours filmed: 9,300

Number of vehicles destroyed: 295

Poundage of explosives: 20.5

Total number of Emmy nominations: 6

Total number of Emmy wins: 0


The MythBusters revisited
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The MythBusters revisited JATO Rocket Car for the third time in 2013.
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