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posted: 04/11/12
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Help Buster Speak His Mind

What would Buster say? We asked fans to submit their suggestions for Buster's first line on the show. And, almost 5,000 posts later, here we are — down to the final 20!

The poll is now closed. Thank you for voting!

Sooo, what did you think Buster should say? Stay tuned because the winning line will roll off our beloved dummy's lips in an upcoming episode of MythBusters described below.

Here's the setup: In a future episode involving an exciting car myth, Buster will be the driver of a car speeding down the tarmac at 60 miles an hour towards impending doom. Before impact, however, Buster will have a fleeting moment to express himself. So what should he say?

Buster's First Line, The Final 20:

- "I wonder if Mike Rowe is hiring." -- Austin Creel

- "Please do not kill yourself at home. I am what you call an expert." -- The Cheese King

- "I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. Dehyneman." -- Bob Hertel

- "Adam, I am your father." -- Stephen Thompson

- "Live the myth, live the dream." -- Caleb Lykins

- "Jamie want big boom, Buster want fluffy pillow." -- Dan

- "Hmmmm...a crash test dummy behind the wheel of a speeding car? This never ends well." -- Matt

- "I should have gone to law school." -- Isa

- "Mom, if you're watching, now would be a good time to leave the room" -- Lil Hoshi

- "I just hope I can pick up the pieces and go on with my life." -- rick

- "Will someone please take my reality and substitute their own" -- Taylor

- "It's not so much the crash I hate, it's Adam's giggling afterwards." -- J.T.

- "I hope Kari knows mouth-to-mouth." -- Erin Gray

- "Before I die, Adam, I just wanted to let you know that you are not in my will" .-- Tyler

- "Oh great, somebody call the Fat Lady. She's on in five." -- Laura

- "My life is flashing before my eyes! But it all looks like this." -- Nikoli

- "I don't know why I stay in this abusive relationship" -- Jacob Keffer

- "Has it occurred to any of you that I might actually LIKE my job?"-- Laura

- "You'll be hearing from my lawyer." -- JP

- "I don't wanna die! There are so many things I haven't tried, like uhhh, sushi, for instance." -- Yuk!

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