MythBusters in Pop Culture

posted: 04/11/12
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MythBusters in Pop Culture

Discovery Channel's press department put these facts about the MythBusters together, and we found them so awesome, we just had to publish them here. So enjoy.

— Adam and Jamie were invited by the current White House Administration to participate in President Obama's STEM initiative announcement in November 2009.

— Adam and Jamie produced and starred in an H1N1 Public Service Announcement for the White House in November 2009.

MYTHBUSTERS was nominated for an Emmy in 2009.

MYTHBUSTERS Twitter accounts @mythbusters @donttrythis and @grantimahara were all finalists for the 2010 Shorty Award in the Entertainment and Science categories.

— Adam and Jamie were named honorary lifetime members of the California Science Teachers Association and were inducted as honorary members into Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, in 2009.

— Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman are slated to receive an Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism from the Harvard Secular Society in spring 2010.

— The MYTHBUSTERS have received numerous honorary degrees and memberships, including Honorary Engineers and Honorary Members of the Francis Crowe Society at the University of Maine and are Dignitary Members of the Association of International Bomb Technicians.

— The MYTHBUSTERS have appeared on numerous entertainment programs, including the Late Show with David Letterman, Good Morning America, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and more.

— Adam and Jamie serve as guest editors for Popular Mechanics and were featured on the cover of that magazine's September 2009 issue.

— The MYTHBUSTERS panel at the San Diego Comic-Con has been sold out for two years in a row.

— Adam and Jamie appeared as themselves in the movie The Darwin Awards, and have made cameos on fictional television programs including CSI.

— The MYTHBUSTERS have spoken at hundreds of colleges and universities around the country, including MIT and the University of Notre Dame.

— Tory Belleci has written and directed his own short films, including the short SandTrooper, which played at the Slamdance Film Festival and also aired on the SyFy Channel.

MYTHBUSTERS has been featured as a clue in The New York Times crossword puzzle twice.

— In April 2010 Grant Imahara built and presented a robot skeleton sidekick — named Geoff Peterson — to late night's Craig Ferguson.

— Kari Byron was featured as the Sexiest Geek in Wired Magazine and was included as one of FHM's 100 Sexiest Women.

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