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posted: 04/11/12
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Executive Producer Dan Tapster's MythBusters Statistics

Ever wondered how many cars the MythBusters have destroyed or how many tons of explosives they've used? Well, with six seasons of MythBusters under his belt, executive producer Dan Tapster has kept records for every episode and has provided some interesting mythbusting statistics.

See how many myths have been busted, how many have been determined to be plausible OR how many have been confirmed to be true and more!

Myth Grand Totals:

Years of filming: Five

Total number of episodes: 110

Total hours of programming: 150 (because of specials)

Total number of myths: 532 myths (329 busted, 112 confirmed, 91 plausible)

Total number of experiments: Approx. 1,800

Total number of explosions: Approx. 630

Total number of hours filmed: Approx. 4,400!

Number of cars destroyed 50

Poundage of explosives 7 tons

Statistics by Season:

Season 1: 46 busted, 8 confirmed, 11 plausible

Season 2: 43 busted, 4 confirmed, 12 plausible

Season 3: 34 busted, 17 confirmed, 11 plausible

Season 4: 70 busted, 32 confirmed, 17 plausible

Season 5: 47 busted, 14 confirmed, 8 plausible

Season 6: 53 busted, 23 confirmed, 15 plausible

Specials: 36 busted, 14 confirmed, 17 plausible

Grand Totals for All Episodes:

329 busted, 112 confirmed, 91 plausible

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