Top 10 Myths About Mythbusters

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By the time you include all the specials, revisits, mini myths and webisodes, MythBusters has actually tested more than 599 myths. Yep, 599. Now, there's no doubt about it, that's a lot of myths -- a hell of a lot. In fact, it's so many that when I reveal this grand total to fans, friends or colleagues, it's frequently clear that people simply don't believe me. You might say people think it's a myth!

And that's an interesting phenomenon: The idea that MythBusters itself is mythical. And the number of myths we've tested is certainly not alone in this regard; in the course of making MythBusters, the show itself has frequently got tangled in a web of conspiracy theories. Some are talked about on this very fan site, some I read about online, and some find their way to my inbox. So I thought I'd share my favorites -- my top 10 totally genuine myths about MythBusters. There are a whole host of people who passionately believe that these are true. Me? Well, I know the answers, of course, and I've put them at the end. So why not play along at home? Read each myth and then you decide whether it's busted, plausible or confirmed. You can see how well you did by looking at my answers:

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