Myth Results: Cartoons

posted: 10/21/15
Simpsons (2015)
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Simpsons (2015)


It is possible to make a usable candle out of earwax, as seen in Shrek. BUSTED (as seen in Mini-Myth Mayhem)

If a lit cherry bomb is flushed down a toilet, it will send water shooting out of every toilet attached to the same plumbing system when it explodes. BUSTED (as seen in The Simpsons)

A flame can follow a trail of powder from a leaking barrel and travel up into the barrel, as seen in cartoons. CONFIRMED (as seen in Viewers' Special 2)

An obese person hanging onto a wrecking ball can protect a house from damage if the ball swings to pin him against the wall, as seen in The Simpsons. PLAUSIBLE (as seen in The Simpsons)

It's possible to stamp out a gunpowder fuse before it burns to the end. PLAUSIBLE (as seen in Trailblazers)

A shotgun plugged by a human finger will backfire and explode injuring or killing the shooter instead of the intended victim. BUSTED (as seen in Seasickness - Kill or Cure)

It is possible to catch a bullet in your teeth. BUSTED (as seen in Helium Football)

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Ch-Ch-Ch Cherry Bomb
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