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posted: 10/21/15
Household Disasters

In the Home

Applying sunscreen near a candle is dangerous because it can ignite you. BUSTED (as seen in Household Disasters)

Using an electric eel-skin wallet will cause a static charge that will cause the magnetic strip on your credit cards to fail. BUSTED (as seen in Barrel of Bricks)

It is possible to pick up radio signals through a tooth filling. BUSTED (as seen in Penny Drop)

Talking nicely to plants helps them grow. PLAUSIBLE (as seen in Exploding House)

The area around a fireplace is actually colder than the rest of the room when a fire is burning. CONFIRMED (as seen in Viewers-Choice/Christmas Special)

Can steel-toed boots amputate your toes if a heavy weight is dropped on them. BUSTED (as seen in Steel Toe-Cap Amputation)

It is more energy efficient to leave your lights on all the time or turn them on and off as needed. BUSTED (as seen in 22,000-Foot Fall)

A flatus can be ignited. CONFIRMED (as seen in Franklin's Kite)

A piece of paper cannot be folded in perpendicular halves more than seven times, regardless of its size. BUSTED (as seen in Underwater Car)

Wearing your jeans in a bathtub full of water could make them shrink so much they cut off blood circulation and kill you. BUSTED (as seen in Exploding Water Heater)

It is impossible to separate two phone books interlaced page-to-page due to the massive amount of friction between the pages of each book. PLAUSIBLE (as seen in Phone Book Friction)

Superglue can be used to attach a room's furniture to its ceiling, creating the appearance that the room has been turned upside down. CONFIRMED (as seen in Driving in Heels)

A dog bowl sitting in the sun can start a fire. CONFIRMED (as seen in Household Disasters)

You can be killed by your washing machine if you trip the spin cycle while loading your laundry. BUSTED (as seen in Chicken Gun)

Bath-plug chain can appear to levitate briefly as it falls out of a container. BUSTED (as seen in *DO* Try This at Home?)


The brace position was actually designed by the airline industry to kill people, rather than save them, during an airplane crash (to save money by paying off wrongful-death suits rather than continuous injury compensations). BUSTED (as seen in Killer Brace Position)

A tissue box stored on the backboard of a car can move with sufficient force to kill a person during a crash. BUSTED (as seen in Killer Tissue Box)

Using a landline phone during a thunderstorm can result in electrical shock. CONFIRMED (as seen in Son of a Gun)

You can be electrocuted by taking a shower during a thunderstorm. PLAUSIBLE (as seen in Son of a Gun)

Urinating on the electrified third train track can cause you to be electrocuted. BUSTED (as seen in Barrel of Bricks)

A pane of plate glass dropped from a sufficient height can cut a person in half. PLAUSIBLE (as seen in Glass Guillotine)

It is possible to throw yourself through a high-rise plate-glass window. CONFIRMED (as seen in Biscuit Bazooka)

A penny dropped from the top of the Empire State Building could kill someone. BUSTED (as seen in Penny Drop)


You stay drier if you run in the rain instead of walk. CONFIRMED (as seen in Exploding Toilet)

Placing a silver spoon in a bottle of champagne can keep it bubblier for longer. BUSTED (as seen in Viewers-Choice/Christmas Special)

The smell of skunk spray can be removed with tomato juice. PLAUSIBLE (as seen in Ancient Death Ray)


You can make a '67 Chevy Impala hit speeds of 350 mph by attaching a rocket. BUSTED (as seen in Jet-Assisted Chevy)

You can raise a sunken boat from the seabed using ping pong balls. PLAUSIBLE (as seen in Pingpong Rescue)

Two big rigs that collide head on can completely flatten a compact car between them. BUSTED (as seen in Demolition Derby)

A V-shaped snowplow is capable of perfectly bifurcating a car front to rear in a head-on collision, while the driver and the passenger both escape unharmed. BUSTED (as seen in Myth Evolution)

A car with a JATO rocket attached can speed up to 300 miles per hour, become airborne, and impact with the side of a cliff. BUSTED (as seen in JATO Rocket Car Mission Accomplished?)

You can pick the lock of a car with a tennis ball with a hole cut in it. BUSTED (as seen in Viewers' Special)


It is possible to do a 360? loop on a rigid-arm swingset. PLAUSIBLE (as seen in Bulletproof Water)

Flushing an airline toilet while you are sitting on it may make you stick you to the seat. BUSTED (as seen in Biscuit Bazooka)

You can launch yourself out of a drainage pipe if you try to light gasoline in it. BUSTED (as seen in Stinky Car)

The government controls our minds by injecting microchips, detectable by using a stud finder, when we give blood. BUSTED (as seen in Alcatraz Escape)

You can turn a lawn-chair into a flying machine using weather balloons. CONFIRMED (as seen in Poppy-Seed Drug Test)

It is possible to create energy for free. BUSTED (as seen in Ming Dynasty Astronaut)

A urine stream can freeze in the cold of winter. BUSTED (as seen in Viewers-Choice/Christmas Special)

Urinating on an electric fence can cause electrocution. CONFIRMED (as seen in Myths Revisited)

There is a specific (resonant) frequency -- such as that caused by soldiers marching in unison -- that can cause a bridge to collapse. PLAUSIBLE (as seen in Breakstep Bridge)

It is possible to do a chain-straight 360-degree loop on a swingset. BUSTED (as seen in Bulletproof Water)

If you add enough of them, party balloons can lift a child off the ground. PLAUSIBLE (as seen in Pingpong Rescue)

A boom-lift can potentially catapult its operator. BUSTED (as seen in Boom-Lift Catapult)

A rowing eight can pull a water skier at sufficient speed for him/her to stay upright. CONFIRMED (as seen in Breakstep Bridge)

A clothed snowman melts slower than a naked one. CONFIRMED (as seen in Viewers-Choice/Christmas Special)

It is possible to build a levitation machine out of household appliances. PLAUSIBLE (as seen in Elevator of Death, Levitation Machine)

The "mystic" powers of a pyramid can keep razors sharp and foods fresh. BUSTED (as seen in Jet Pack)

There is a slingshot that illegal immigrants are using to get across the border into the United States. BUSTED (as seen in Border Slingshot)

It is possible to use enough water bottle rockets to launch a human. BUSTED (as seen in Steel Toe-Cap Amputation)

If you stand too close to the platform edge when a train speeds past, you can be sucked onto the tracks. BUSTED (as seen in Concrete Glider)

You can fly with a life raft if you fill it with helium. BUSTED (as seen in Cell Phones on Planes)

A snowplow passing by at high speed can displace enough air on one side to flip over a passing car. BUSTED (as seen in Whirlpool/Snowplow)

A compressed air cylinder can power a speedboat. BUSTED (as seen in Air Cylinder Rocket)

If two hammers strike each other, or a hammer strikes an anvil, at least one hammer will completely shatter with lethal force. BUSTED (as seen in Firearms Folklore)

A skydiver whose parachute fails to open can hit the high end of a playground seesaw, landing on his feet, and launch a child on the low end safely up to the roof of a seven-story building. BUSTED (as seen in Seesaw Saga)

It is impossible to ride a bicycle underwater. BUSTED (as seen in Mini Myth Medley)

You can make yourself a rocket suit out of fireproof materials and 500 fireworks. CONFIRMED (as seen in Revenge of the Myth)

A pane of tempered glass dropped from a sufficient height can cut a person in half. BUSTED (as seen in Glass Guillotine)

The tip of a whip will break the sound barrier when it cracks. CONFIRMED (as seen in Indiana Jones Special)

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