Cell Phone Driving

posted: 04/11/12
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As seen in "MythBusters: Killer Brace Position"


Explanation: In 2006, a pair of psychologists from the University of Utah published a study claiming that talking on a cell phone mentally impairs drivers as much as drinking alcohol.

MythBusters Adam Savage and Kari Byron got behind the wheel of this myth by test-driving a road course twice: once sober, while chatting on a cell phone, and again after a few beers, but sans cell.

Gabbing on the phone clearly clouded their driving capabilities, as both Adam and Kari failed their initial driving tests, which consisted of speed trials, parallel parking, accident avoidance and other obstacles. Next, Adam and Kari downed a few beers and headed out on the same course, only to fail their driving tests again.

However, both MythBusters noted that it was actually harder to concentrate on the test while talking on the phone than while tipsy, confirming the psychologists' finding that cell phones and driving are a dangerous combination.

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