Can a snow-plow blade split a car in half?

posted: 04/11/12
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As seen in "MythBusters: Alaska Special II."

Finding: BUSTED

Explanation: As part of their Alaska Special in season six, the MythBusters took on a chilly tale about a lucky couple involved in a head-on collision with a snow plow. Supposedly, they escaped the accident unharmed because the plow's super sharp wedge-shaped blade sliced their car perfectly in half from bumper to fender, sparing the driver and passenger.

But did the story survive when the MythBusters wrecked a couple of cars into a similar snow plow?

The team trekked to Wisconsin to track down a wedge-shaped plow, which features a sharp blade jutting out from the center of the metal snow scoop. To ensure precision and accuracy, the MythBusters centered their first test car on guide rails aimed at that petrifying plow blade. But even when the car crashed into the stationary machine at 55 miles per hour, the blade couldn't penetrate the entire engine block.

The second test car, with its engine housed in the rear, raced toward a sharper plow blade at 70 miles per hour. With the increased force of impact, the snow plow sliced through to the car's back seat. But since it still couldn't cut through the entire automobile — and there's no way the test-dummy in the passenger seat could have survived the crash — the myth was melted.

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