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posted: 04/11/12


The physiological effects of drinking alcohol that often include headaches, nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. To find out whether beer or liquor cause a worse hangover, in season six's "Sloshed for Science" segment (episode 129), Kari tests Tori and Grant for six crucial symptoms of a hangover, starting with light and sound.


Measured on the Mohs scale, hardness refers to a material's resistance to pressure and rigidity.


The capability of a metal alloy, such as steel, to become hardened through heating and cooling treatments.

Heat capacity

Also called thermal mass, it's the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a substance one degree Celsius. In other words, it's the amount of heat that something can store. The less heat that it takes to raise the temperature, the lower the heat capacity and vice versa.

High tensile steel

Steel with high tensile strength, or resistance to stress without fracture or breakage.


Equivalent to 745.7 watts, horsepower is a unit of power often used to rate engines, turbines and electric motors. It's called horsepower because it was originally used to compare the power of steam engines to that of work horses.

Hurricane simulator

Specialized equipment capable of mimicking the wind and rain conditions of a category 3 hurricane. Medusa is the world's largest hurricane simulator is at the University of Florida's Hurricane Research Facility. Researchers there are using Medusa to investigate how hurricanes damage homes and buildings. For the hurricane experiment in season six, Jamie and Adam also travel to the University of Florida Hurricane Research Facility to find out what it takes for a house to survive a mega storm.


Powered or moved by liquid. Hydraulics is the study of the properties and motion of liquids.


Organic chemical compounds of hydrogen and carbon. These are the molecular building blocks of petroleum.

Hydrogen bond

A weak bond between a slightly positive hydrogen atom and an electronegative atom. This is the type of bond that binds the hydrogen and oxygen atoms together to form water.


A tentative idea or concept that requires experimental and testing in order to prove true or false. Many of the myths that the MythBusters set out to prove, such as whether liquor produces the worst hangover, begin as hypotheses. The gang then forms a set of variables to test the hypothesis.

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