Amber Hargrove

posted: 04/15/15
Amber Hargrove
Age: 31 years old
Occupation: U.S. Army Instructor
Current Residence: Fountain, Colorado
Relationship Status: Married
Survival Skills: Water sourcing, lure fishing, cross-bow/shotgun hunting-rabbits, trapping, fire

Amber was born and raised in Oroville, California. She spent every summer camping, hunting, and fishing with her family since she was three years old. Being outdoors is her passion in life. Her first experience learning how to fish with her hands was how she first got interested, and the fascination has grown from there. Her father imparted his hunting and fishing expertise to her, while her mother was the teacher of basic survival knowledge of building shelters and fire-starting skills.

Amber served 11 years in Active Duty U.S. Army with 2 deployments to Iraq. She learned more survival skills on the Soldier Front Range than she could imagine. Currently, Amber is an instructor for the U.S. Army and enjoys training the soldiers and sharing past experiences to help motivate them to push themselves to learn more every day.

Amber now loves teaching her kids how to fish and hunt. She believes that everyone should be able to learn how to survive in the wild with limited resources. To survive and prove there is nothing she can't accomplish, her motivation is her family: husband Steve, children Leila & Easton, and her mother Carly.

Twitter: @Amber_Hargrove

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