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posted: 03/21/13
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Swift foxes in the western grasslands of North America.

NORTH AMERICA: An Unforgettable Television Event

For many of us, North America is our home. We live in this extraordinary continent each and every day, but have we ever truly experienced first-hand the wide scope of incredible dangers challenging our diverse and tenacious continent?

If you think you know North America, you can think again. In this unforgettable television event, Discovery Channel turns the lens toward its homeland and captures a land where life collides with hostile, untamed wilderness in the most diverse, deadly environment on Earth.

Award-Winning Actor Tom Selleck to Narrate

The sweeping series will be narrated by award-winning American actor Tom Selleck. "I've been a fan of Discovery's nature programming for years, and I am truly honored to be narrating their next great series. I think people will be captivated by North America," said Tom Selleck.

"Discovery Channel is thrilled to have iconic American actor Tom Selleck lend his voice to such an exciting landmark television event that rediscovers the extreme land we call 'home,'" said Eileen O'Neill, Group President of Discovery Channel and TLC.

More Than Three Years in the Making

Traveling the continent for more than three years from the sub-zero Canadian tundra to the tropical rainforests of Panama, Discovery's first, independently-produced natural history landmark series, North America, reveals that "survival of the fittest" is truly the law here amid threatening terrain and ferocious weather.

Discovery's determined production crew journeyed the span of North America including the frigid Yukon Territory, the lush forests of Belize, the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, the barren deserts of the American Southwest and more.

A Seven-Episode Series

North America's first five episodes will reveal the intimate stories of animals struggling to survive in unforgiving weather and rugged terrain. Never-before-seen sequences range from the elusive desert jaguar in Mexico to daring grizzly bears diving in more than 20 feet of water to grab salmon in Alaska.

The series "Making Of" episode chronicles North America's production team and the challenges they faced including battling the destructive Hurricane Irene and other natural disasters, all while attempting to capture the most majestic animals in the continent.

The final episode reveals what online voters chose as the number one, natural North American destination via Discovery's "My North America" Facebook page.

Bon Jovi's "Army of One" To Be Theme Song

Bon Jovi, recently #1 on the Billboard 200 chart debut for the album What About Now, will provide their new song "Army of One" as the theme song for the series North America. "Bon Jovi's 'Army of One' captures the daring, wild spirit of Discovery's upcoming landmark television event that presents our homeland as an extreme world all within one continent," said Eileen O'Neill.

Sunday, May 19 at 9/8c through Sunday, June 16

From the network behind PLANET EARTH, LIFE, FROZEN PLANET and AFRICA, the breathtaking, seven-part series North America begins its journey Sunday, May 19 at 9/8c and runs through Sunday, June 16.

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