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North America: Production Facts

posted: 04/25/13


Over 3 years in production

110 animals species filmed

2,830 days of filming

250 separate filming expeditions

29 U.S. states

8 Canadian provinces

10 countries visited stretching from the Arctic Circle to the Panama Canal

51 camera crew members

Enduring -40 degrees Fahrenheit (plus wind chill) to film the Aurora Borealis

Digging 350 tons of dirt to create "eye-level" hides to film prairie land creatures

100 sticks of dynamite to film and study the progression of 20 avalanches


Traveled over 14,000 miles to capture tornado footage

Crossed more than 17,000 square miles of wilderness in Wood Buffalo National

Park Flew 120 hours to capture aerial footage of wolves hunting bison

Traveled over 5,000 miles for 3 weeks to film the Northern Lights

Flew 600 hours in a helicopter


More than 850 hours of HD footage filmed

First series to use time-lapses shot in HDR to chronicle weather and extreme storms

91 camera days spent filming prairie dogs, bison and rattlesnakes in the Badlands and Black Hills of South Dakota

A dozen cameras filming continuously for over 6 months to capture footage of the elusive desert jaguar

State-of-art equipment including ultra-high speed cameras and one-of-a-kind mini submarine camera

While no animals were harmed in the making of this film, 4 cameras were lost or damaged beyond repair

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