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Top 10 Craziest Animal Lifestyles in North America

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Jumping Spiders

10. Jumping Spiders

If you think that blind dates and singles bars can be cruel and unusual punishment, try courting the jumping spider way.

Especially if you happen to be a male.

First, you will need to look fancy. Manly jumping spiders sport feather-like hairs (colored or iridescent), front leg fringes and any other bizarre modifications they feel will please a potential mate.

So your competition will be (and look) keen.

Female jumping spiders are demanding of their lovers. You will be expected to mesmerize her with vibrations that she can feel buzzing up through her legs. Really. No kidding.

And you will absolutely want to get this flirting thing right — a female who is unhappy with your appearance or eschews your wooing technique will stab you with her fangs and slurp your insides out.

Just like that.

So be thankful that the consequences of a bad pick-up line for humans is usually a simple eye roll, polite rejection and walkaway of shame.

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