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Top 10 Outdoor Family Vacations in North America

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Great Smoky Mountains Road Trip, Tennessee and North Carolina.
Darrell Gulin/Corbis

6. Great Smoky Mountains Road Trip, Tennessee and North Carolina

What says “family vacation” better than a road trip?

(Okay, those National Lampoon road trip vacation movies featuring the Griswolds weren’t exactly all fun … but this one will be, we promise.)

First a fact we’ll bet you didn’t know: The Great Smoky Mountains ranks as America's most popular national park … really!

On a family drive through the peaks, valleys and passes, your family will encounter more than 1,600 varieties of plants, trees and flowers.

Are they more the wildlife aficionados? There are plenty of deer, elks and black bears throughout the park's half million acres.

Baby boomer parents and grandparents may even want to share a relic of their heyday — the fully peaced-out hippie enclave of Asheville.

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