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Top 10 Places to See Wildlife in North America

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An American black bear at Hudson Bay, Canada and the United States.

5. The Hudson Bay, Canada & the United States

It’s a wide area with a wide variety of opportunities to see some of nature’s most interesting creatures.

The Hudson Bay drains a gigantic area, including parts of Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Alberta, most of Manitoba, southeastern Nunavut, as well as parts of North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana.

Summer on the Hudson Plain sees the greatest numbers and variety of wildlife.

Are you partial to birds? Check out the Canada goose, black duck, oldsquaw, king eider, pintail and whistling swan populations.

If you’re more interested in small mammals, there are muskrats, ermines, weasels and wolverines galore.

And of course, much, much bigger mammals like woodland caribou, moose, black bear and timber wolves are always popular … from a proper distance.

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