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North America’s Top 10 Most Fearsome Predators

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Black Bear
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Black Bear

Winnie the Pooh didn't lie.

The majority of the black bear's animal diet consists of insects ... like bees and yellow jackets.

And yes, black bears are also fond of honey. They will gnaw through trees if hives are too deeply set into the trunks for them to get at with their paws.

Once the hive is breached, black bears will scrape the honeycombs together with their paws and eat them, regardless of stings from the bees.

But every day can't be honey and bees.

Black bears on the Pacific coast will fish for salmon during the night.

Why night fishing?

Their black fur is easily spotted by salmon in the daytime. (Those salmon can be cagey.)

When they prove too cagey, other fish will do ... generally suckers, trout and catfish.

Black bears don't usually like to "pick on creatures their own size," but when really pressed, they'll take on those a little closer to their weight class, like mule deer, white-tailed deer fawns, elk calves or moose calves.

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