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North America’s Top 10 Most Fearsome Predators

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Great White Shark
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Great White Shark

Two questions may occur to you at this point: 1) How could this "eating machine" be so low on any list of predators? ... and 2) Isn't this all about North America? The answer to its low ranking is that, technically, the great white swims all over the world ... and isn't particularly a North American native.

Just the same, the hunting prowess of the great white is such that it should appear on any list of predators pertaining to any location on Planet Earth. And so here it is.

You undoubtedly know that this fish is the scourge of sea life the world over, but just to show he belongs on this list, please note that targets also have been known to include sea lions, sea turtles, sea otters, and seabirds.


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